• The current low interest rate environment means that we expect returns from Basic Cash to remain low. The Basic Cash option can have a very low or negative return after fees, costs and taxes.

    Basic Cash will close on 13 August 2021, and any investment in this option will transfer to the Cash option (unless you switch to another option before this date). From 1 July 2021, no new investment into Basic Cash will be accepted, with the exception of future contributions already nominated before this date.

Investment return objective

Minimum suggested timeframe

Standard risk measure

Risk band - Risk level -
60% Complete
Very low
Very High
5 year annualised return pa
10 year annualised return pa

Unit Price

Benchmark asset allocation*

* as at 29 March 2021


See how $1,000 would have grown if you had selected this investment option between two dates in time. You’ll need to select more than one option to make the comparison.
This is for illustrative purposes only and does not take into consideration any contributions, redemptions, taxes or other fees that may be applicable to members.  Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

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Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Asset allocation description:

The portfolio will invest in deposits with, or short-term discount securities (bank bills and negotiable certificates of deposit) issued by, major Australian banks. It may also invest in short-dated debt issued and guaranteed by the Australian Commonwealth or State Governments. All securities will have a maximum term to maturity of three months. This option is not a deposit by you in a bank account and your balance is not guaranteed under the Australian Government bank deposit guarantee scheme.