Your insurance during the coronavirus pandemic

Updated 8 April 2020

As the coronavirus continues to raise medical concerns, insurance can be an important protection for you and your loved ones. Members with death, total and permanent disability, or income protection cover through Rest should be comforted to know we do not have any exclusions that are relevant to coronavirus.

Income Protection claims due to coronavirus

It’s important to remember our default income protection is designed to cover members who are sick or injured, and unable to work for an extended period. While we don’t exclude coronavirus, you’d have to be sick and unable to work for your waiting period, this is generally 60 days before your claim would be accepted. In most cases the symptoms of coronavirus don't result in people being off work ill for more than 60 days. It’s important to check your waiting period, which you can do by calling us, or you can do online from 1 April in the Insurance tab of MemberAccess, or by calling us.

What if I've been stood down or made redundant from my job because of the coronavirus?

Income protection covers people who are too sick or injured to work for an extended period. Unfortunately, being stood down or made redundant is not covered by income protection insurance.

Will my income protection still cover me if I'm working from home?

Your income protection cover will not be impacted if you’ve been asked to work from home by your employer, so long as you are otherwise eligible to claim.

If I withdraw my $10,000 limit and my super account closes, what happens to my insurance?

While we understand you may need the payment, withdrawing all your super will close your Rest account. This means your insurance will also end as there is no money to pay your monthly insurance premium.

If you’d like to keep your insurance, please leave enough in your account to cover the cost of your insurance. If you run low on funds after that, we’ll send you a letter and you’ll have 28 days to top up your super to reinstate your insurance. The top up contribution will need to be enough to cover any outstanding premiums and fees or your insurance won’t restart.

For more information, see your Insurance Guide.

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Am I insured?

Most members who joined Rest before 1 April 2020, will have insurance cover. If you joined Rest after 1 April, and are under 25 years old or have an account balance of less than $6,000, you need to choose to take out insurance cover. To find out what types of insurance you have and how much you're covered for, login to MemberAccess and click the 'Insurance' tab. If you weren't working or aren't employed, you may not have cover.

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