Eligible rollover fund


Under superannuation legislation, Rest is permitted to roll over a member's benefits to another fund, called an Eligible Rollover Fund or ERF.

Effective May 2007, the trustee appointed AUSfund as the Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF) for Rest and Acumen. Prior to 2007 Rest's ERF was the Australian Eligible Rollover Fund.

When Rest will rollover your benefits to AUSfund

Rest may rollover a member’s benefits to its ERF if your  account balance is less than $6000, and there have been no contributions or rollovers paid into your account in the past 16 months.

How your super is affected

When your account is transferred to an ERF, your super may be affected because:

  • You will cease to be a Rest member
  • You will become a member of AUSfund and will be subject to its governing rules. If Rest can provide AUSfund with your contact details, AUSfund will provide you with their Product Disclosure Statement
  • The fees and costs charged in AUSfund are different from those charged in Rest and investment returns may be insufficient to cover the fees and costs charged in AUSfund
  • AUSfund will invest your benefits in a diversified investment strategy, which may provide lower returns than the investment option(s) in which your account is invested in Rest

How to contact AUSfund

Mail: Locked Bag 5132, Parramatta 2124
Telephone: 1300 361 798
Email: admin@ausfund.com.au
Web: http://www.ausfund.com.au

ERF prior to May 2007

Before May 2007, the Fund’s ERF was Australian Eligible Rollover Fund (AERF). AERF can be contacted as follows:

AERF Administrator
Locked Bag 5429
Telephone: 1800 677 424
Email: aerfenquiries@perpetual.com.au
Web: http://www.perpetual.com.au/aerf