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Life doesn't always go as planned. Insurance helps you protect yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected.

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Insurance options

Icon of Death Cover

Death Cover

In the unfortunate event of your death, your loved ones could receive a lump sum payment, or if eligible, a pension.

Icon of Total and Permanent Disability

Total and Permanent Disability

If you become totally and permanently disabled as a result of being sick or injured, you may be eligible to receive a lump sum payment.

Icon of Income Protection

Income Protection

If you’re unable to work for a prolonged period due to injury or illness, you may be eligible to receive payments to replace your income.

Coronavirus and Insurance

Discover how we'll protect your needs through the coronavirus pandemic

Important changes to insurance


Changes to government legislation and superannuation could affect you.
See your product disclosure statement and insurance guide to find out more.

Keeping your insurance with Rest

Unless you chose to keep your insurance before 1 April 2020, or you are a new member who has actively chosen to have insurance through your super - your insurance will ‘switch off’ if there’s no contribution to your super for 13 continuous months. Your insurance can be re-started within 60 days of it being cancelled, if you let us know.

Putting Members Interests First (PMIF)

If your super is less than $6,000 (or you’re under 25) when you join Rest, receiving default insurance is no longer automatic. 

If you’d like to have insurance in your super, you’ll need to let us know. Do this by clicking on the insurance tab in MemberAccess, and following the options. We’ll withdraw insurance premiums from your super until you tell us otherwise, so you’ll need to ensure you have enough in your account to cover your premium.

If you join Rest and are age 25 or over, with a super balance of $6,000 or more, you’ll receive default insurance automatically when we receive your next super contribution from your employer.

Icon of Important Reading

Important Reading

Insurance guides

Rest Super or Rest Corporate


Product Disclosure Statements

Rest Super or Rest Corporate

Icon of Insurance code of practice

Insurance code of practice

In 2017, Rest adopted the Insurance in Super (ISWG) Voluntary Code of Practice. The Code is the super industry’s commitment to high standards when providing insurance cover to our members.

How Rest Advice can help

At Rest, we believe in helping you achieve your goals – both now and into the future – by making your money work smarter.