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Fair is simple super advice at no extra cost

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We have the advice options to suit you

Digital Advice

Access our Digital Advice solutions which are easy to use and can help you make the right decisions with your super.

Phone Advice

You can speak to a professional Rest Adviser over the phone about your financial situation.

The value of advice

Rest Advice * is all about helping you make the right decisions with your super and money. Rest provides easy-to-use Digital Advice solutions * that are available 24x7 at no additional cost for members. Or if you’d rather talk to an experienced financial adviser we can help with that too.

Getting started with Digital Advice

Our Digital Advice solutions are available to Rest members 24x7. You can access them from your desktop or mobile after you log in to your account. Our solutions are designed to help you with your investment choices inside super, getting the right level and type of personal insurance, making the most tax-effective contributions, understanding whether you’re on track for the retirement you want, and checking that you’ve got your super account set up for success.

Speak to a professional Rest Adviser

You can speak to a Rest Adviser to get expert advice on your super and achieve your personal best retirement. Our team of qualified and professional advisers can help you:

• get your spare money working harder 
• ensure you’re making the right investment choices
• secure your own and your family’s financial future with the right insurance, if something should happen to you
• make the right type of super contributions
• build a plan to make your retirement dreams come true


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