Start your Rest Pension with a little extra

Transfer your existing Rest Super, Rest Corporate or Transition to Retirement (TTR) account to a Rest Pension Retirement account, and you could be eligible for a boost to your account balance.

What is the Retirement Bonus?

The Retirement Bonus is a tax saving for the fund. We pass this saving on to you when you transfer your super money into the tax-free pension environment and meet the eligibility requirements.

How does it work?

When your money’s in a super or TTR account, Rest sets aside some money to pay for future capital gains tax if we sell investments at a profit.

When you move your investment into a tax-free environment, capital gains tax is no longer payable. So the money that we’ve put aside to pay this tax can now be passed to your retirement savings as a Retirement Bonus.

If you’re eligible and the Retirement Bonus is available, it’s paid straight into your Rest Pension Retirement account when you open it, and at no other time. There’s no need to apply.

Am I eligible?

You’ll be eligible if you held a Rest Super, Rest Corporate or TTR account for the full 12 months prior to opening your Rest Pension Retirement account.

How much Retirement Bonus will I get?

The amount of Retirement Bonus can vary but the amount you may receive is based on:

  • Rest’s tax position over time
  • How much has been in your Rest super or TTR account for the 12 months prior to opening a Rest Pension Retirement account; and
  • Your investment option/s over the previous full 12 months.

Get a quote today

Follow these steps to get a personalised Retirement Bonus estimate.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Head to the ‘Your account’ tab
  3. Click on ‘benefit quote’
  4. Select the benefit type ‘Transfer to Pension’ from the drop down option
  5. Generate your quote
Please note, if you hold a Rest Transition to Retirement (TTR) account you’ll need to get in touch to receive an estimate.

Start the conversation today

Contact us to learn more about the Retirement Bonus.

Your questions answered

Why do different investment options attract different Retirement Bonus rates?

Each investment option holds different investments that make up that option. The amount set aside for tax on unrealised capital gains depends on the investments held. This means the Retirement Bonus will differ between investment options and also over time as investment values change. Due to their nature, cash investments are highly unlikely to have unrealised gains and therefore the Retirement Bonus is likely to be nil for options that have a high exposure to cash investments, such as the Cash investment option.

Can I receive more than one Retirement Bonus?

You may receive more than one Retirement Bonus if you meet eligibility for a second and subsequent payment. For example, if you have multiple Rest accounts for the full 12 months prior to the transfer, you may be eligible for the Retirement Bonus depending on the type of investments options you’re in.

Does the Retirement Bonus count towards the transfer balance cap?

Yes, the Retirement Bonus will be included in the transfer balance cap amount when you are transferring your super into a Rest Pension. The transfer balance cap is the maximum amount you can transfer from your super savings into retirement income products (including Rest Pension) over your lifetime. To view your personal transfer balance cap, please visit ATO online.

If the Retirement Bonus is not available in the future how much notice will be provided to members?

Rest may, at its discretion, reduce the Retirement Bonus payable or determine not to pay a Retirement Bonus. We may do so without prior notice, even if you meet eligibility criteria and have received an estimate of the amount payable from us.

Is there anything I can do to maximise my Retirement Bonus before I open my Rest Pension Retirement account?

It’s important to weigh up all the factors. When you switch investment options prior to moving to a Rest Pension Retirement account, your Retirement Bonus amount may be reduced to zero.

A Retirement Bonus will be paid at the discretion of the Trustee and the terms and conditions may change without notice. A Retirement Bonus will not be paid to a reversionary member.