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Our fact sheets can help you understand more about your super

Accessing your super if you're an eligible temporary resident

If you're an eligible temporary resident departing Australia, you may be able to claim back your super. The easiest way is to use the ATO's Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) online application system.

ATO online application

Contributing to super

Learn about different ways to grow your super, including the government co-contribution, spouse contributions and salary sacrifice.

How Rest Advice can help you

At Rest Advice, we believe in helping you achieve your goals - both now and into the future - by making your money work smarter.

Compare insurance

Our Key Facts Sheets help you easily compare the key features of our automatic insurance cover against others in the market.

Buy-sell spread explained

Accessing your super early

You might be able to access your super early in limited circumstances.

Downsize your home and upsize your super

If you’re aged 55 and over, you might be able to put some of the proceeds from the sale of your home into your super.

Proof of identity

Your guide to providing certified proof of identity to Rest.

Super and saving for your first home

Your super may be able to help you save a deposit for your first home.

Cost of Living

We’ve gathered some useful resources to help you manage your cost of living expenses.
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Product disclosure statements

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