About Rest

Established in 1988, Rest is amongst the largest funds by membership, with around 2 million members and over $57 billion in funds under management (as at June 2019).

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About Rest

Established in 1988, Rest is amongst the largest funds by membership, with around 2 million members and over $57 billion in funds under management (as at June 2019).




Careers at Rest

A job at Rest provides an opportunity to work for a successful super fund. 



Our Board

Our board is made up of both employer and employee representatives, as well as an independent representative.



Our Awards

Rest Super is proud of the recognition we receive from financial publications and independent research houses.



Executive Officers

Meet our Executive Officers responsible for our day-to-day operations.


How Do I

Industry funds are run to profit members, don’t pay commissions to financial advisers and offer competitive fees – which could mean more money for you when you retire.

Industry funds were originally established to manage super contributions for a particular industry – for example, Rest was established as the super fund for retail industry workers. However, these days most industry funds are open to everyone.

Yes. Rest is an industry fund run to benefit its members, with low fees and competitive long term performance. Rest doesn't pay commissions to financial planners which means more money for you when you retire.
To discuss account-specific information, we need the account holder present regardless of their age to give verbal consent over the phone. This is to safeguard their privacy. For ongoing enquiries, we recommend written authorisation from the account holder.

Super is money you save throughout your working life in a super account. Generally, you can only access super when you reach preservation age. So even though it may be a while before you can spend it, understanding your super early will give you greater control and the confidence to make the best financial choices for you.

In a nutshell super is generally
  • 9.5% - of your salary or wages is paid by your employer into your super account
  • 15% - tax rate applied to before tax contributions to your super account
  • $25,000 – how much can be added to your super in before-tax contributions for the 2017/18 financial year without paying extra tax.