Superannuation fees and costs

At Rest our fees are much lower than most super funds, thanks to the scale of our 1.9 million members. And because we’re not paying shareholders, our profits go back to members.

Rest Core Strategy fees are at least 20% lower than the super industry average*

Low fees means more love for your super.

20% lower fees than the super industry average with Core Strategy* thanks to the power of 1.9 million Rest Members! What’s more, we give profits back to Members, not shareholders. That’s more of your money working for a better life after work.

*Rest analysis using SuperRatings SMART (30/09/2023). Rest Core Strategy compared against the average of 256 available super funds’ balanced-style options tracked by SuperRatings. Includes admin fees, investment fees and costs, transaction costs, and costs met from reserves. Other fees and costs may apply. Fees are only one factor to consider when investing super. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to for ratings criteria.

Compare our annual fees1 on a $50,000 balance

Super industry average

Core Strategy

1 Admin and investment fees only


How your fees might look

If you’re in the Core Strategy (and you’d be in pretty good company as most of our members are in this investment option), and have a balance of $50,000, your annual fees will look like this.

And if your account balance is less than $6,000, certain fees and costs charged to you in relation to administration and investment are capped at 3% of your account balance for the year (or the period until you left).

Administration fees and costs $1.50 per week $78 regardless of your balance
plus 0.10% per annum of your balance at the end of the month (0.10% per annum component is capped at $300 per annum) plus $50 per annum
plus 0.06% pa deducted from the Fund’s reserves and not from your account* plus $30 per annum (deducted from the Fund’s reserves and not from your account*)
Plus Investment fees and costs 0.48% of your balance per annum $240 per annum
Plus Transaction costs 0.07% of your balance per annum $35 per annum
Total** $433 per annum

*For more information, see ‘Costs met from reserves’ in the Additional Information on Fees and Costs

**Additional fees, such as a buy-sell spread, may apply.

Updated figures will be included in the PDS to be issued 30 September 2023.

What fees and charges are commonly charged by a superannuation fund?

All super funds will charge you a fee for looking after your super.

The total annual fees and costs cover the different components that keep your super working for you.

You’ll pay extra fees and costs for certain transactions and if you have extra things with your super. Like if you have insurance or you need some complex financial advice that involves a fee.

Remember, when you’re thinking about brighter tomorrows, low fees are just one part of the package. Over your working life, it’s the combination of low fees and competitive investment returns that delivers the real goods.

Retirement calculator

Administration fees and costs

Administration fees and costs cover things like collecting contributions from you and your employer, keeping records of your transactions, sending you an annual statement and being there when you need to talk to us through one of our service channels such as our call centre, Live Chat or Rest App.


Investment fees and costs

Investment fees and costs are for the things we do to help your money grow. Our range of investment options have different fees and costs depending on what’s involved in managing the money.


Transaction costs

Transaction costs cover the expenses associated with buying and selling investments. For example, stamp duty when buying property, or brokerage costs when buying or selling shares. It’s included when we calculate unit prices and different investment options have different transaction costs.

Get to know your fees

If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously keen get to know your super better. And we couldn’t be happier because we really want you to know all about your super, and be in control of your super.

So here’s some more details you’ll need to know about the fees on your Rest account.

Administration fees and costs

Administration fee: deducted from your account

  • $1.50 per week plus 0.10% pa of your account balance at the end of the month (0.10% pa component is capped at $300 pa)
  • Deducted from your account generally on the last Friday of each month and when you close your account

Administration cost: deducted from the Fund's reserves, not from your account

  • Estimated to be 0.06% pa for the 12 months ending 30 June 2023

Investment fees and costs

Transaction costs

  • For Core Strategy, estimated to be 0.07% pa.
  • For all other investment options, estimated between 0.00% and 0.16% (depending on your chosen investment option) for the 12 months ending 30 June 2023.
  • You can learn more about these costs in Additional Information on Fees and Costs.

Buy-sell spread

  • The cost of money moving in and out of your account, like when you make contributions, or switch investment options
  • Buy spread: up to 0.15% 
  • Sell spread: 0.00%
  • Find the buy-sell spread for each investment option here


Switching fee

  • There is no cost for switching investment options, however there will be a buy spread when investing in an investment option

Exit fee

  • Nil

Advice fee

  • Simple personal advice about your Rest account from your Rest adviser is generally available at no extra cost.
  • Complex personal advice may incur an additional fee that is not payable from your Rest account. Speak with your Rest Adviser for more information about your personal advice and any fees that may be payable.
  • Learn more about Rest Advice here
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