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Rest is an award-winning, profit-to-member super fund

SuperRatings Platinum Pension 2023
SuperRatings Platinum MyChoice Super 2023
SuperRatings Platinum MySuper 2023
Best Digital Offering 2024
SuperRatings 20-year Platinum Performance (2003-2023)
15-Year Platinum Performance (2008-2023) - Rest Pension
10-year MySuper Platinum Performance (2013-2023) - Rest Super and Rest Corporate
SuperRatings 7-year Platinum Performance 2016-2013
5 Apples (Highest Quality Fund) 2005 - 2023 - Rest Super
5 Apples (Highest Quality Fund) 2005 - 2024 - Rest Pension
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Member Outcomes Assessment

We are required to review our performance each year to check we’re continuing to promote our members’ financial interests. See how we’re doing in our annual Member Outcomes Assessment.

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Rest provides eligible members with default insurance cover*^ as part of your account, and claiming your insurance benefits is easy.

* With the exception of Rest Pension, which does not have insurance cover attached. ^ Individual eligibility for Insurance cover will be on a case by case basis.

** In the 2021-22 financial year, Rest Super paid over $408 million in Death, TPD and IP claims.

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Rest Rewards

As a Rest member, you get access to Rest Rewards: member-only offers on a range of big-name brands, available all in the one place. Click on ‘Explore Rest Rewards’ below to learn more about the latest offers available to you as a Rest member².

²Rest Rewards are available to all Rest members who have access to the Rest App.