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Do a Super Health Check in the time it takes to make an acai bowl

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What are the benefits?

Like your physical health, it’s always a good idea to give your superannuation a health check.

The Super Health Check could prompt you to consider:

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How is the Rest Super Health Check like an acai bowl?

Got 5 minutes?

Help whip your super into shape with our Super Health Check

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Questions to ask a financial adviser

In the same way we get experts to help with everything from our health to our car repairs, a financial adviser is there to help you with your finances.

Can I help my partner increase their super?

If your partner or spouse is working part time, a stay-at-home parent, or not working at the moment, then it’s likely they’re also not receiving super contributions from an employer.

Lost super waiting to be found

According to the ATO, there’s $13.8 billion* in lost or unclaimed super in accounts across Australia.

*As at 30 June 2020. Source: Australian Taxation Office – Lost and unclaimed super by post code. For more information visit http://ato.gov.au