Managing your employees' super with Rest

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Being part of Rest for Business means you are part of a group of over 270,000 other businesses. Rest will support you, your business and employees with super requirements, no matter the size and structure of your business.

Rest's 10 tips to managing super

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Things to remember:

Employee Tax File Numbers need to be provided, if they have been supplied by employee
Provide your employees with a Standard Choice form, giving them the option to choose their super fund
Give employees pay slips that detail their super
Ensure you are compliant with your employer obligations and keeping the right records

The value Rest provides to your employees

We strive for fairer super for all Australians where profits go to members not shareholders. We are a super fund that puts members first and believe in fairness and equality for all. We're focused on supporting all our members to grow their super while contributing to a more sustainable future. 

As a Rest member, your employees will have access to:

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