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It's your money, and your future.

At Rest, we're committed to helping you grow and protect your super.

Our low cost super products are designed to keep pace with your changing life - whether it's your first day at work, you're changing jobs or it's time to enjoy life in retirement. Our broad range of investment options means you can choose how to invest your super, or you can leave the investment decision to us and your super will automatically be invested in the Core Strategy (our MySuper product). And if life doesn't go to plan, our value for money insurance cover is there to lend a hand - even if you work casually or part time (subject to eligibility).

We're proud of the recognition our products have received from financial publications and independent research houses^. At Rest, we invest for long term performance. Our fees are low. We keep things simple. And we make sure our profits go back to members, not shareholders. It's all part of our commitment to you.

^ Ratings, awards or investment returns are only one factor that you should consider when deciding how to invest your super. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Rest is an award-winning, profit-to-member super fund with low fees

SuperRatings Platinum Pension 2023
SuperRatings Platinum MyChoice Super 2023
SuperRatings Platinum MySuper 2023
Best Digital Offering 2024
SuperRatings 20-year Platinum Performance (2003-2023)
15-Year Platinum Performance (2008-2023) - Rest Pension
10-year MySuper Platinum Performance (2013-2023) - Rest Super and Rest Corporate
SuperRatings 7-year Platinum Performance 2016-2013
5 Apples (Highest Quality Fund) 2005 - 2023 - Rest Super
5 Apples (Highest Quality Fund) 2005 - 2024 - Rest Pension
Existing employer lp

Member Outcomes Assessment

We are required to review our performance each year to check we’re continuing to promote our members’ financial interests. See how we’re doing in our annual Member Outcomes Assessment.

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Managing your super

Want to plan for your future? Start by managing your Rest super online today.

Understanding super

Learn how to make the most of your super, at your own pace.
Investment performance

Investment Performance

At Rest, we follow an approach of staying long-term focused, well diversified and disciplined. After all, it’s long term performance and fees that largely determine how much super you end up with.


Fees and costs

Get to know how the fees and costs are applied to your super account.

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Grow your super

Whether retirement is some time away or it’s on the horizon, a little boost now could add up to thousands of dollars later.


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