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Retirement Learning Centre

Visit our learning centre and read articles to help you understand more about super and getting retirement ready including:
  • information on our Retirement Bonus
  • accessing your super when you’ve retired
  • the minimum you can take out of super each year (pension drawdown rates) 
  • making downsizer contributions after selling your home

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Rest Retirement Guide

Looking to get retirement ready? We’ve made it easy for you. Our Retirement Guide is packed with useful resources, tools, and expert tips - no matter where you are on your retirement journey.

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What is a transition to retirement account?

(And how to set one up)

Aged 59 or over want to boost your super or reduce your work hours without affecting your take home pay?
You have the option to transition into retirement
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What is an account based pension?

(And how to set one up)

Read our article to learn more about the account based pension, its benefits and risks, and how to set one up

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Member Seminars

Attend one of our online or in-person seminars to learn more about retirement

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Retirement Planning Checklist

Three steps to get your retirement planning underway

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Planning your retirement budget

Tips and tools to start planning your budget for retirement and other things to keep in mind.

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Our handy calculator will help you work out how much you’ll need to fund your retirement lifestyle 

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Retirement Health Check

If you’re a Rest member, log in to check how your super is tracking for retirement with our handy Retirement Health check

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Nominate a beneficiary

Need to plan where your super will go after you pass? Read more on the different types of beneficiaries and how to nominate a beneficiary.


Manage my pension

Managing your pension account online is easy. You can update your account details, choose certain beneficiaries, withdraw a lump sum (not available for Transition to Retirement) and review your investment strategy - all online.

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Withdrawal form

Ready to withdraw your super? Use our withdrawal form. To make a full or partial withdrawal from your Rest Super Account, complete the online withdrawal form.
To make a lump sum withdrawal from your Rest pension account, visit MemberAccess, or download and complete the paper form.
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Nominate a beneficiary
(Rest Pension)

When you apply for a Rest Pension, you are asked to indicate who will receive your pension after you pass?

There are three types of beneficiary nominations in Rest Pension: Non-lapsing, Non-binding, and Reversionary. Read more on how to nominate a beneficiary once you’ve applied for Rest Pension
  • Non-binding beneficiaries can be made in the Rest App or on MemberAccess.
  • Non-lapsing beneficiaries can be made by downloading and completing the forms for Rest Pension Account.

Speak to a professional Rest Adviser

You can speak to a Rest Adviser to get expert advice on your super and how to achieve your retirement goals.

For Rest members, simple advice comes at no extra cost! If more complex advice is requested, we’ll discuss these costs with you before proceeding.

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