We aim to provide our members with fairer super with great benefits.
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Long-term performance

Since Rest was founded in 1988, our Core Strategy investment option has returned 8.58% pa*.

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A range of investment and insurance options to suit your employees’ needs. They will also have access to Rest Advice who can provide financial advice tailored to their needs.

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Profits to members

As an industry super fund, our members are our top priority, so profits go back to Rest members, not to shareholders.

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Investment options

We have a simple and easy to understand investments menu. Your employees can choose from a diverse range of investment options to customise how their super grows for their future.

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Education and advice

Regular updates on super and retirement changes, as well as personalised advice through Rest Advice, means your employees are better informed to make decisions about their future.

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Flexible default insurance cover can allow members to increase or reduce their level of cover at any time or opt-out.

Rewarding your valuable employees

It’s great to know that Rest rewards your employees for all their hard work by offering exciting member benefits they can enjoy on their own or with their family. 

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*Returns are the compound average effective rate of net earnings since inception to 30 September 2021. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.