New digital channels

Late last year, Rest introduced two additional channels for our members to get in touch with Rest – Live Chat, and Roger our virtual 24/7 agent, both on our website.

This is part of our commitment to building our digital service channels for our members and employers, so everyone can conduct their business where and when they want. A commitment recently recognised by winning the Chant West Best Fund: Innovation 2017 award. Read more about it here.

Here’s a quick update on how these two new channels are travelling and how we’re continuing to improve them.
How’s Roger going?

As well as offering our regular Customer Service Consultant service, members can now use Rest’s Virtual Agent, Roger. He works around the clock 24/7 online answering many commonly asked super-related questions.

Roger uses advanced artificial intelligence to continually learn what members want to know, adding this to his knowledge base to offer a more bespoke service experience. 
Since this service started in December 2016, he’s answered over 160,000 questions.

Currently, Roger is more focused on answering questions from members. We are working on bringing him up to speed for employers’ questions as well.

Live Chat stats stack up
Whilst Roger reacts to questions and provides automated answers, Rest’s Live Chat has dedicated chat agents who provide responses to individual questions from members and employers.

Since December last year, Rest’s Live Chat agents have assisted Rest members and employers with over 32,000 Live Chats. If you have a question, hop online and experience it for yourself.

Live Chat is available 8am-10pm (AEST) Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm (AEST) on Saturdays.

Save yourself time

With Roger answering the more common member questions and Live Chat handling more personalised enquiries, your time is more freed up. Whether it’s answering your employees’ questions, or questions you may have yourself.

If you want to free up even more time, make sure you’re using EmployerAccess.

EmployerAccess saves you time and money

Through the EmployerAccess online portal, you can easily manage employee contributions and update employee information, saving your business time and money.

Regardless of which provider you use to process your payroll, you can also:
  • submit contribution details and pay by BPAY®, EFT, Authorised Bank Transfer
  • check on the status of your contribution payments
  • maintain key employee data for your Rest employees, including employment termination dates
  • reactivate previously terminated employees
  • set up new employees
  • view your contribution history
  • change payment method and frequency online
  • have multiple users on the same account with different access levels
  • export contribution and employee data in various formats.
To see how easy and helpful EmployerAccess can be, visit

You’ll also find a tutorial here.

Time saving tip: When super contributions are not required for any of your Rest members, let Rest know by entering a nil contribution. That way you won’t have to worry about receiving any payment reminders from us.

Our ongoing commitment

Rest will continue working to make your experience with us better, easier, more intuitive and personalised – so stay tuned.

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