Understanding your investment options

Your super could be one of the biggest sums of money you'll ever own, so your investment choice could make a huge difference.

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How super is invested

Super is invested in different ways to deliver different returns with different levels of risk. Investments can be ‘defensive’ or ‘growth’ assets, or a mix of both.
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Defensive assets for steadier returns

Generally lower returns and lower risk like cash, bonds and absolute return investments.


Growth assets to grow savings

Generally higher returns and higher risk like Australian and overseas shares, private equity strategies.

Balanced scales

Mix of defensive and growth

Generally mid-risk like property, infrastructure, credit and agriculture that have a mix of growth and defensive characteristics.

Choosing your investment

Choose an option that aims to deliver the return you’re looking for, with the level of risk you’re comfortable with. You can even combine options to create the investment that’s right for you.

Sustainable Responsible Investment

What you do with your super can have an impact on your financial future, and the future of the planet. Learn more about our Sustainable Growth investment option.

Your investment options

Rest has a range of options to choose from. The graph below shows where each of our investment options sit on a scale of defensive to growth, as well as low to high risk.

Investment options chart Investment options chart

See which option's right for you

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Ready to change?

If you think another investment option is a better match, it doesn't cost to change and it's easy using Member Access or the Rest App.