Did you know that women in their early sixties retire with 28%* less super than their male counterparts?

It’s a startling gap. But together we can #breakthebias and change it.

At Rest, advocating for a fairer super system for women is important to us.
So throughout 2022, we’ll be helping you close the 28% super gap by bringing you 28 different ways we can work together to help close it.

Here’s the first 6 out of our 28 ways we can close the gap together.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon.

Way #1

Join the Super Squad

There’s no need to feel like you’re in it alone. Watch our Women and Super educational webinar which helps empower women to take control of their super and learn more about securing their financial future.

Way #2

Change For The Better

Rest, along with the super industry, recently succeeded in getting a law changed. From 1 July 2022, eligible workers who are earning less than $450 a month can get super. This change could benefit more than 300,000 workers - 63% of which are women.

Way #3
Money Matters | Career

Know Your Worth at Work

Get firm on the value of your skills and expertise at work. It could be more than you think! Use the Indeed salary list to compare your earnings to industry standards.

Way #4

Do Deals

Sharpen your negotiation skills so that when it comes time to do deals at work, you’ll walk into the room feeling confident and clear. Especially during those dreaded salary conversations. Visit here to read up on some tips.

Way #5
Support | Starting Out

Super Knowledge is a Superpower

Find your super flex by learning the superannuation basics. It’s likely to be one of your biggest financial assets, so a few minutes of focus now could help you make more of your super balance later.

Way #6
Money Matters

Find Financial Wellness

Wellness is more than yoga and meditation. Financial wellness can take lots of pressure off. That’s why it’s important to get a game plan about how you might achieve it – the earlier the better.


Why does the super gap exist?

Putting it down to just one thing is a bit of a puzzle, because there are many reasons. But some of the biggest things impacting women are:

“Rest is responsible for the retirement savings of more than a million women, and on average they approach retirement with far less than our male members.

We can all make a difference and solve this puzzle sooner. If we work together we can make super fairer.”

Vicki Doyle
CEO, Rest 

*The median super balance for men aged 60-64 years is $204,107 whereas for women in the same age group it is $146,900, a gap of 28 per cent. The Gender Superannuation Gap, Addressing the options KPMG, 2021.
**Men twice as likely to be highly paid than women, WGEA, 2022
***Australia’s Gender Equality Scorecard 2020-21 Employer Census, WGEA, February 2022