What happens to my super when I change jobs?

Super and changing jobs

When you move jobs you can take your Rest account with you or combine your old fund into a new Rest account, no worries. That way your super won't be split across multiple funds, you won't end up paying multiple fees and you still get to enjoy the same (or new!) Rest benefits.

A new employer will often have a default super fund, but you can nominate Rest as your preferred fund to contribute to. Alternatively, you may have moved out of a job that had a compulsory super fund and are looking to move to Rest. Either way, it's very easy to take Rest with you when starting with a new employer.

Tip: Rolling your balance into a one super fund reduces fees and paperwork, and takes about three minutes via the Rest app. Find out how

How to keep your Rest account when moving jobs.

Keeping your Rest super fund when moving jobs is simple, and only takes a few minutes to organise.

  1. Make sure your new employer doesn’t have a compulsory fund they require employees to contribute to.
  2. Download the Rest App, login and click on the 'Changing Jobs' tab to access and submit your personalised transfer form. Alternatively, you can complete this form and hand it in to your employer.
  3. You may also want to search if you have any other super funds to combine into your main Rest account. You can learn how to do this here.
  4. That's it! Your employer will begin to make contributions into your nominated Rest account, and you can continue to view and manage it either through the app or online.

How to move your super into a Rest account when moving jobs.

Moving from another super fund into a Rest account is a simple process. Just make sure you're still covered for any essential benefits, like insurance, in the process.

  1. Ensure your new job doesn't have a compulsory fund
  2. Review the benefits of your previous fund and ensure you won't lose any essential insurance cover by moving funds
  3. Sign-up to Rest via website or simply contact us and we can help over the phone
  4. Contact your old super fund and request a fund transfer into your new Rest account
  5. Inform your new employer of your Rest fund details.
Tip: Rest offers personalised advice on switching super funds, whether for a new job or otherwise. Find out more

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