Annual Members’ Meeting 2021

All members were invited to Rest’s Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) on 23 November 2021. The livestreamed event provided members with the opportunity to hear from Rest’s senior leaders about key highlights for the fund, investment performance and presented an opportunity for members to ask questions.

You can view a recording of the event below. The transcript of the meeting can be found below the video. This includes questions and answers that were provided at the meeting. Questions that were submitted during the AMM but not able to be answered will be available on our website by 21 December 2021. Questions that were submitted during the AMM but not able to be answered can be found in the document called Questions and Answers.

Workshops & booths

Before the Annual Members’ Meeting started the Rest education team presented two workshops which are available for you to watch on demand below.

Building the path to your super

Take a deep dive with Rest’s investment team to learn about how they construct the asset classes in the Rest portfolio.

Save the planet and your pocket

Learn more about Rest’s Sustainable Growth option and our newly launched roadmap to net zero carbon footprint for the fund by 2050.    

Previous Annual Member Meetings