We're preparing your 2020-2021 Annual Statement

Most members should receive their Annual Statement by early October.

When will I receive my statement?

  • Pension/Transition to Retirement (TTR) members – End of August - early September
  • Super/Corporate members – End of September - early October
  • Acumen members - End of September - early October
We’ll put a notice up on the website as soon as they’re ready!
Remember you can always check your account via the Rest App or MemberAccess.

How will I receive my statement?

Depending on what contact details we have for you, you may receive your statement via email, SMS or post.

Check your details are up to date in Rest App or MemberAccess.

Benefits of receiving your statement online

There's lots of benefits of going paper-free. Including:

  • Online statements are secure and interactive
  • Reduce your paper waste and clutter
  • It’s easy to save, print and email

How to switch to online statements

Switching is easy! Simply:

  1. Log in to MemberAccess.
  2. In the ‘Member’ tab select ‘Communication preferences’
  3. Under ‘Important Information’ (I prefer to receive this information) select ‘Online’ from the drop-down option.

Access your statement via the Rest App

or text 'REST' to 0481 071 090 for a direct link to the Rest App