Annual statement time for members

Just to let you know, or in case your employees ask, we’ve sent members their annual statements. Those who’ve opted to receive their statement electronically will be emailed or sent an SMS link to their interactive digital statement. If we don’t have their digital details, they will receive a paper statement.

A good opportunity for your employees to engage with their super

With Rest’s member statements being sent out, now is great time for your employees to jump in and see how their super is tracking. Checking their annual member statement now may make a difference when it comes to how much money they’ll have when they retire.
By reviewing their statement, employees can:
  • See if their personal details are up-to-date
  • Check their balance
  • Monitor how their investments are tracking
  • See what insurance they may hold, and
  • Consider if they need to update their beneficiaries

A super time to combine

If any of your employees have multiple super accounts, they could receive super statements from their other funds. That means they might be paying multiple sets of fees, which can add up to thousands of dollars over time. Dollars, which could be better used building a bigger nest egg for their retirement.
Your employees with Rest can combine their super anytime. They can do this online or in the Rest App. It’s quick and easy and any lost super your employees may hold with the Australian Taxation Office can also be automatically combined as well. Before they combine their super, they might want to check how it might affect their insurance in other funds and if they incur any other fees. They may also consider chatting to a financial adviser.

Help educate your employees with Rest

We’ve put together an employer toolkit that you can use to help your employees understand the value and benefits of combining multiple super funds.