Digital welcome packs Jan 2018

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched new digital welcome packs for our Rest Super members.
Based on three fun, exciting lifestyle themes, the colourful packs are designed to resonate strongly with three key demographics – those aged up to 29, those aged 30 to 54, and those in the 55-plus category.
Rest Super members will receive the new welcome pack via email (unless they’ve opted to receive communication by post) once we’ve received the first contribution into their account. The pack links to a corresponding microsite highlighting the benefits of being a Rest member and ways they can make the most of their super. It also provides new members with key information including their member number, the date they joined Rest and advises them if they are yet to provide important information like their date of birth or Tax File Number.
The new packs also motivate new members to download the Rest App, where they can view their account balance, investment options, calculators, contributions and insurance. They can also update their details, message us directly and stay on track with their super.

Now that we’ve re-vamped the way we welcome our Rest Super members, we’ve got the Rest Corporate welcome letters on our radar and look forward to updating you on our progress later in the year.