May 3 2022
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Investment Update March 2022 Quarter

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The evolving events in Ukraine are clearly disturbing from the point of view of human suffering as well as Eastern Europe state sovereignty and stability. Our thoughts are foremost with those in Ukraine at this uncertain and dangerous time.

Rest’s position on Russian assets

Rest’s Core Strategy held less than 0.1% of the portfolio in Russian assets at the time of the invasion and we have exited our remaining positions where possible.

Diversification is key in volatile times

With these uncertain times, frequent and significant market moves can be expected. Rest’s experienced investment team have managed periods of market volatility many times before and fully expect to navigate them again while remaining focused on delivering long-term superior investment performance for our members.

Rest’s portfolios are diversified through investment across a wide range of assets. This has the dual purpose of minimising risk during choppy markets and diversifying return sources, both of which contribute to the overall performance. Rest’s exposure to energy and commodities within our share portfolio and our exposure to listed infrastructure and private assets such as property and infrastructure helped the portfolio’s resilience over the quarter.

Despite this challenging period in world markets, Rest’s Core Strategy proved relatively resilient, returning -1.45% over a difficult quarter where global equity markets were down by 5.2%. Over the year ending March 2022, the Core Strategy returned 8.39%.

For Pension members, the default Balanced option retreated just 1% over the quarter and delivered 7.38% over the year to March 2022.  

Core Strategy to 31 March 2022

3 months (%) 1 year (%) 10 years (% p.a.)
-1.45 8.39 8.52
3 months (%) -1.45
1 year (%) 8.39
10 years (% p.a.) 8.52

Balanced option (Rest Pension) to 31 March 2022

3 months (%) 1 year (%) 10 years (% p.a.)
-1.03 7.38 7.80
3 months (%) -1.03
1 year (%) 7.38
10 years (% p.a.) 7.80

All figures as at 31 March 2022. Returns are net of investment fees and tax, except Pension which is untaxed. The earnings applied to members’ accounts may differ. Investment returns are at the investment option level and are reflected in the unit prices for those options. Returns for the ten year period are annualised returns. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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