February 1 2023
Employer News

Improving web accessibility for people with disabilities

Accessibility icon
We’ve recently introduced a new service on the Rest website to help people with disabilities navigate and use our website more easily. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to improve the performance and accessibility of our website for all of our visitors.

Now people with disabilities can personalise their Rest website experience to suit their individual needs. By clicking this icon Accessibility iconon Rest website pages, visitors can choose a disability profile like ‘Seizure Safe’ or ‘Vision Impaired’ and automatically activate all relevant adjustments to the way information is displayed. ^

As an example, selecting the ‘Seizure Safe’ profile will stop any flashing or blinking animations and reduce certain colour combinations. Selecting the ‘ADHD-friendly’ profile reduces on-screen distractions and noise to help people focus on the essential elements of the website.

In addition to these profile settings, visitors have the flexibility to make individual adjustments like increasing font sizes and changing colour contrasts to personalise their experience.

Rest launched this functionality on our public website on 18 August 2022. In the three months since, more than 4000 visitors have activated the service while visiting our website. While we are delighted with these results, this is just one step in our journey to make our website inclusive for everyone. We will continue to monitor how people interact with our site, seek feedback and make improvements to the accessibility of our website.

^ Please note that these features are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Use of the Rest website is solely at the user’s own risk.