Member initiatives April 2018

Combining super accounts has never been easier  

The new Rest consolidation tool is set to become one of the most in-demand features in our suite of digital super initiatives.
Due to launch in the upcoming months, the new tool allows employee members to combine their super easily, simply and on the go through the Rest App. It’s just the latest feature of an innovative App that’s been designed to accommodate the fast-paced lifestyles of employees.

You can download our dedicated Employer Rest App toolkit offering everything you need to help your employees get the most out of the Rest App.


Introducing the new Rest Contributions Optimiser

While super may not be your employees’ favourite water cooler topic, it’s likely to be one of their biggest assets. So it makes sense to encourage them to take small steps now, to maximise it for later.

Encouraging your employee members to contribute a little extra now, can really give their super a boost and provide a much more enjoyable retirement in the future.  To make things even easier, Rest has built a new Contributions Optimiser, which tells your staff the best way to structure their contributions and give their super the biggest boost.

Employees visit

Login and follow the contributions journey
They’ll be asked to add in a few details such as how much they could contribute. 

Sit back and relax 
Let it crunch their numbers to show the difference on how adding extra into their super, can make to their retirement.

Get a recommendation 
A recommendation will be given to your employee on the best way to contribute. They can go with it and implement the recommendation or save it to think about later. Simple! 


Innovating new service channels through Google Home

Rest recently integrated its virtual agent ‘Roger’ with Google Home, the search giant’s own virtual home assistant.  

The award-winning Roger, which has been helping visitors to the Rest website for over a year, now verbally responds to employer and employee questions via Google Home.

Roger has answered over 300,000 questions since its launch, highlighting the increasing need for more convenient self-service capabilities from superannuation funds across the country. 

Roger will continue to learn and improve over time and the range of topics he will be able to respond to will increase. Roger will also offer new functionality to be able to help employees with specific requests. 

The introduction of Roger on Google Home follows a suite of digitally led services introduced by Rest, including the Rest App with industry-first in-app messaging, a Live Chat function on the website and interactive online member statements.