New Rest campaign promotes sustainable investing featuring real people and real echidnas

Rest, one of Australia’s leading profit-to-member superannuation funds, has launched a new advertising campaign promoting its new sustainable investment option, that features real members and echidnas alike.

The campaign builds on the ‘Fair go for all Australians’ advertising campaign launched earlier this year and features Rest members who are passionate about the value of sustainable investing. When developing the campaign, the Rest team drew on insights into the various key elements of the fund that are valued most by its members. These included being with a fund that offers low fees, a fair and equitable superannuation solutions for all members, and the option to invest sustainably. The research also showed that there is a wider need for general education on what exactly ethical super is, and the need to break down the perception that responsible investing may also be a more costly option to consider.

“Sustainability and responsible investing have become a part of the fabric of Rest and is something that a large proportion of members have told us is important to them. For others, there is an interest to further understand what sustainable investing is”, says Tyrone O’Neill, Group Executive, Member Engagement at Rest.

“Our aim in this campaign was to represent our members’ voice on the importance of sustainable investing to them and to connect with consumers who relate to this message. We also wanted to educate on the affordability and impact of our Sustainable Growth investment option.”

The campaign, featuring ads ‘Saving the Planet with Super’ and ‘Mammals and money’, was created with advertising agency, BMF Australia, and tells a story of the power of investing ethically. More specifically, it focuses on the iconic Australian echidna, which like all mammals, faces pressures on its habitat from the impact of climate change. The campaign draws a parallel between the easy and affordable investing of their super, and how this can make a positive contribution to the planet.

“When developing a campaign that targets complex topics such as climate change, sustainability, and the impact of responsible investing, simple messages and visuals are key”, says Mr O’Neill.

“We used the faces and voices of Rest members, and a national animal such as the echidna to represent the scalable impact that ethical investing could have on the planet”.

The campaign seeks to educate members in a simple, emotive, and effective way about what sustainable investing is, while also highlighting how Rest provides members with the opportunity to invest in an investment option that is not only ethical, but also more affordable than many alternatives.

“At Rest, it’s our mission to help all of our members achieve their personal best retirement outcome, and for some members that looks like achieving their retirement goals while also having their super invested in a sustainable way. It’s about letting them know that this is an option that they have with us, and it’s one that won’t break the bank.

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