April 19 2022
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The Fight for Talent

A woman onboarding A woman onboarding

There’s no shortage of media commentary about the staffing challenges employers are facing in 2022. It’s a trend backed by a recent research report released by PwC Australia. The “Future of Work, What Workers Want: Winning the war for talent1” report, based on a survey of 1,800 Australian workers in 2021, reveals more than a third of employees surveyed are planning to leave their jobs in the next 12 months.

That’s a big challenge for companies and for Human Resources functions in particular. Given the competitive job market, ensuring your new starters have an engaging onboarding process is crucial. Getting it right validates a new starter’s decision to join, getting it wrong risks the time and money involved in bringing the talent on board.

One way in which we’re helping Rest employers with their onboarding is by making it easier for their employees to make an active and informed decision about their super. We’ve launched a new onboarding web page with an employer toolkit, a Choice of Fund Form, a step by step guide to setting up super and other supportive material. 

Onboarding and the role of employers in super education

At Rest, we want to make sure our members have the best possible onboarding experience when it comes to their super. In April 2021, we interviewed 30 new Rest members from across Australia to learn more about their experiences and expectations in relation to onboarding2.

One of the interesting findings was that younger workers, particularly those in their first jobs, often turn to their employers for education and guidance about their super. This trend is likely to increase with the removal of the $450 superannuation guarantee minimum monthly threshold on 1 July 2022, when many young workers in part-time or casual employment become eligible for Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions for the first time.

With this in mind, we want to highlight our digital education and advice resources so you can point Rest members in the right direction on all things super.

Rest’s digital education and advice solutions

Rest offers a series of educational sessions regarding super and retirement to support members through all stages of their career – from their first part-time job to retirement. Run by our team of educational managers, these sessions are delivered both digitally and in the workplace. Topics include super basics, retirement planning and strategies to help women plan for a better retirement.

We also offer a digital advice program to help Rest members make more informed investment choices and understand concepts that can make a difference to their retirement, like the benefits of tax-effective super contributions. Our easy to use online tools for super health checks and retirement planning are a popular first step in the process. For those Rest members who are ready to talk through their options in more detail, our team of qualified financial advisers are on hand for simple phone-based advice at no additional cost (an advice fee may be payable for complex advice).

We're here to help

Whether you’re considering Rest as your super partner, or you’re an existing client looking to support your employees with their super, reach out to our team today to find out about our digital education and advice solutions.

Please contact your account manager or get in touch with our Business Connections Team via businessconnections@rest.com.au

Alternatively, visit the Tools and Advice page of our website for more information.

To download the full report visit PwC’s web page: https://www.pwc.com.au/important-problems/future-of-work-design-for-the-future/what-workers-want-winning-the-war-for-talent.html

 2 For more information on our findings and to download the full report, please visit Rest’s web page: https://rest.com.au/why-rest/about-rest/news/onboarding-new-employees