The REST app is almost here - FAQs

1. Why are you trialling the REST App with new members first?

We chose to trial the REST App with new members first, so that we can gather feedback from a smaller group before the official launch. This will help us to deliver the best experience possible to all your employees at the time of the official launch.

2. How will new members find out about the REST App?

Information about the new REST App will be included in the welcome documents we send to new members as shown below:
  • New REST Super members will be sent a welcome pack as soon as a contribution is made into their account
  • New REST Corporate members will be sent a welcome letter as soon as they join REST.
3. When is the REST App officially launching to all members?

Our plan is to trial the REST App with new members first, review their feedback and then officially launch to all members. As is often the nature with new apps, timings can sometimes change, but we anticipate that the official launch will take place by the end of November 2017.

4. When should I tell my employees about the REST App?

At the time of our official launch, we will communicate with you to provide more detailed information about our new app, plus all the materials you need (including posters and flyers) to support the launch of the REST App.

5. What are the benefits of the REST App?

Everything we do is designed with our customers in mind. Our aim is to support you as a REST employer by making super easy and freeing up more time for you to focus on your business.
Part of this involves recognising that your employees lead busy lives and need simple and easy ways to connect with their super.  Our new REST App empowers your employees to learn about and make the most of their super, on the go. All their essential information will be in one place, allowing them to explore answers to common questions about their account and take positive steps towards their future.

Our rewards program will also provide your employees with exclusive member deals and lifestyle benefits. Plus, they will be able to message REST directly with our in-app MessageUs feature.

6. Can I try the REST App before it launches?

Yes, if you are a REST member, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play (search for ‘REST Industry Super’) and explore it before the official launch.
You can also text ‘Welcome’ to 0488 824 302 to receive a download link via SMS.

7. What if I have more questions about the REST App?

If you have any questions about our plans for launching the REST App, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager, or contact us.