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Money magazine Award

For a second year, Rest’s Balanced – Indexed investment option has been named Money magazine’s Best of the Best.

Balanced – Indexed was awarded “Best Value Super Product 2021”, recognising the value and options we continue to offer our members.

Simple straightforward investing

Your super is your money. And it's your decision about how you invest it. We've added three new investment options to give you even more choice on how you can aim to grow your retirement savings. Simple and straightforward investing.

Our new investment options

Introducing Rest Indexed Options - three new investment choices that give you access to Australian shares, Overseas shares or a Balanced option.

These new options are indexed options. This means they invest in line with the index that measures the performance of a certain type of investment, such as the S&P/ASX 300 which is made up of 300 companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. This means that an investment in an indexed option aims to perform in line with the market return.

It's a bit different from the active management approach we use with some of our other investment options - like the Core Strategy. Active management means that we're always looking for ways to add investment value over the long term. We do this by investing in different types of assets, like property and infrastructure, by using specialist investment managers, and by adjusting how we allocate funds to different asset classes depending on what markets are doing now, and where we think they're heading.

Balanced - Indexed

An index based investment in a mixture of growth and defensive assets which aims to perform in line with the benchmark return (before tax) over all time periods. The benchmark is calculated using the S&P/ASX300 Accumulation Index, the MSCI World ex-Australia ex-Tobacco Net Dividends Reinvested Index, the Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Years Index, the Citigroup Global Bond Index ex-Australia (hedged to AUD) and the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index.

Asset allocation

Overseas Shares 45%
Australian Shares 30%
Bonds 20%
Cash Securities 5%

Risk Level: High

Australian Shares - Indexed

An index based investment in Australian shares, which aims to perform in line with the benchmark S&P/ASX300 Accumulation Index (before tax) over all time periods.

Asset allocation

Australian Shares 100%

Risk Level: Very High

Overseas Shares - Indexed

An index based investment in overseas shares, which aims to perform in line with the MSCI World ex-Australia ex-Tobacco Net Dividends Reinvested Index (unhedged in AUD) (before tax) over all time periods.

Asset allocation

Overseas Shares 100%

Risk Level: High

What's the cost?

Because our indexed options invest predominantly in shares, bonds and cash securities which make up the relevant index, the costs of this type of investment are normally low.

Balanced - Indexed
Australian Shares - Indexed
Overseas Shares - Indexed
Estimated investment fees
(incl. related fees)
per annum
Estimated performance
related fees
per annum
Estimated indirect
cost ratio
per annum
Total estimated
investment cost
per annum

You'll still pay an administration fee for your product, as well as any extra things you have with your super, like insurance, complex financial advice or other transactions like multiple withdrawals.

You can learn more about the fees and costs of Rest's investment options at:
Additional information on fees and costs (Rest Super and Rest Corporate members) |
Additional information on fees and costs (Acumen members) | or the Rest Pension PDS (Rest Pension members) |
Rest Super PDS | Rest Corporate PDS | Acumen PDS

Your questions answered

To find out which investment options suit your personal financial situation and needs, you might like to use the Rest Online Advice Tool to check your investment risk profile and get advice on which option is right for you. Or, you can chat with a Rest Adviser over the phone – visit Rest Advice to learn more.

Yes, they’ll be available to members of all Rest products.

You can find more information on our investment options here or in our Investment Guide.

  • You can switch investment options in MemberAccess (just select Investments Enquiry from the Investment menu screen in MemberAccess, and then click on the Change Investments button at the bottom of the page.
  • You can complete an ‘Application to make an investment choice’ form and return it to us.
  • Via Rest App, click on 'View super details' on your dashboard and then go to 'Manage Investments'.

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