How to find your lost super accounts

Had more than one job? Changed your name? Moved address?
Your super could be part of the $18 billion* lost or unclaimed accounts.

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Why should I combine?

By combining all your super into one account, you'll find it easier to manage and grow your money through savings on multiple fees and all of your money is in one place.

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Easier to keep track of and manage

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Pay less in fees, saving potentially hundreds of dollars a year

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No more lost super accounts


With just 3 easy steps…

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01. Find

With your TFN and personal details we can find your lost super accounts for you.

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02. Select

Select which accounts you want to combine into your Rest account.

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03. Combine

Press the button and that’s it. All your accounts into one. Easy.

Find my super

Any lost super you currently have with the Australian Tax Office will be automatically combined for you.

Before combining your super, check how it might affect your insurance in your other funds and if they have any other fees. If you have any questions we recommend you have a chat with a financial adviser. As we have not taken into account your circumstances, please consider whether this information meets your needs. Product issued by Rest. Go online for PDS to consider before deciding.