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Federal Budget 2017-18



How can I estimate the additional amount I can save for my first home deposit inside superannuation?

Can non concessional (after-tax) contributions be made under the proposed scheme to save for a deposit for your first home inside superannuation?

What is the process for withdrawing my first home deposit from my superannuation?

Will a release from superannuation for a deposit on a first home trigger a reduction in my social security entitlements?

Does this proposed measure mean I can withdraw from my superannuation to pay for my first home now?

What is the work test?

Will the proceeds of the sale of a home into superannuation count toward the Age Pension assets test?

Will contributions to superannuation as a result of the sale of a home be exempt from the transfer balance cap?

I have $1.6 million in my superannuation account and wish to contribute the proceeds from the sale of my home as a non-concessional contribution into superannuation. Will the total superannuation balance cap of $1.6 million apply?

I have already lodged a complaint with the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. Will these changes impact me?