We’re living longer and healthier lives than ever before, which is great news. But it also means that we need to manage our retirement savings closer than ever before to ensure they can go the distance.
Retirement calculator

Retirement budget calculator

Use the retirement budget calculator to review what you spend now, as well as the lifestyle changes retirement brings. It only takes a few simple steps.

A few things that can help you along the way

If you retire when you’re 67 your retirement savings may need to generate returns to last up to 20 years and beyond.  Here’s a few tips to help.
  1. Going the distance
The best way to make your money go the distance and help you take control of your finances is to prepare a budget. A well thought out budget can:
  • let you know if you’re spending more than you can afford
  • help you make the best use of your income
  • maximise the time your retirement savings will last
If you have a partner, it’s important you’re both on board with an agreed budget.
  1. Getting help to prepare your budget
Help is at hand to put your budget together. You can:
  1. Ways to track your costs
Once you have your budget in place it’s important to monitor your spending and refine it along the way. Keep track of all your receipts and check against the budget you prepared to make sure you’re staying on track.

A realistic budget can help you to forecast spending and plan for big expenses. It’s a great tool to help with your longer-term financial planning, so your retirement savings can go the distance.
  1. Tips for preparing your budget
  • Start by assessing your priorities in life, such as travelling and hobbies, along with any commitments you have
  • Make a list of your basic living expenses
  • List the things you could do without, if you needed to save some money
  • Then look at what income you have coming in and going out over a whole year. Your bank statements, bills, credit card statements and receipts will help you to work out all your expenses.
Future retirement

Retirement seminars

We know retirement may not seem a long way off - so the need to save is even greater. Our seminars can give you a head start to healthy finances down the road.


Manage Rest pension online

This can be done at the click of a finger including anything from making withdrawals, choosing beneficiaries, changing the frequency/amount of payments and managing your investement strategy.

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Your pension is one of the largest sums of money you'll ever have to manage. So, it's important you make informed decisions about your savings in retirement. A financial professional can help you.