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REST’s Core Strategy has been ranked No. 1 for long-term performance more times than all other super funds put together.

ratings-icon Surveyed monthly with similar options over rolling 10 year period.

Choose REST and start heading in the right direction


A member-first approach

With over $39* billion in funds under management we have the scale and scope to make your money work harder. That’s why when the time comes, you’ll hopefully be able to relax and enjoy everything retirement has in store for you.

*current as at June 2016

Low fees

As a profit to member super fund, we offer low fees. We don’t pay dividends to shareholders, so you get to keep more of your money in retirement savings.

Competitive long term performance

REST’s Core Strategy has outperformed against the median of all other funds and the worst performing fund, when compared to similar options of other surveyed funds over 10 years by SuperRatings.1

Special member-only offer

REST have an Exclusive alliance with Acorns, a micro-investing app which is an app that helps you save and invest for the long term. REST members receive 6 months fee-free use of Acorn’s services.2

More options, more choice, more control

As your life changes so should your super. That’s why REST has a range of options giving you the opportunity to fine tune your super choice over time.


Heads up!

You may not have realised this but anyone can join REST Super. And seeing that REST Core Strategy’s competitive performance over 10 years, why wouldn’t you switch and join the millions who are on their way up.

REST Super


Plus 0.1% pa of the account balance at the end of the month^ ^ Other account fees apply.

An award winning product with a MySuper option.

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Anyone can join
Competitive long-term performance on the MySuper investment option (Core Strategy)
Flexible, unit-based insurance including:
  • Death cover3
  • Total and Permanent Disablement3
  • Income Protection Cover
Suitable for casual, part-time or full-time employees.
Monitor and manage your super online.

An award-winning retirement product!

If you're already retired, or in the process of transitioning into retirement, check out the option below, to see if it suits you and your current situation.

REST Pension


Plus capped yearly asset-based fee based on your account balance# # Other account fees apply and yearly asset-based fee is capped $1,140.

An award-winning retirement product with a regular income stream.

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Strong long term performance on the default investment option (Balanced)
No tax payable on investment earnings4
In most circumstances, Tax will be payble by a pension memberif they have money in super which is untaxed.
Range of beneficiary options
Suitable for retirees, or if you’re transitioning to retirement
Monitor and manage your super online



Is your super retirement ready?

Our superannuation and retirement modeller is designed as a broad guide to show you how much super you’ll have to spend in retirement and how long it may last, depending on when you plan to retire and how much super you plan on withdrawing every year.


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