Retirement? Seems like a long way off… but if you think of it like you do your overall health, it’s worth putting in the hard yards now for a financially healthy future. Find the right fund, set it up so it does its thing behind the scenes, and your future self will thank you for being so financially fit.

In your twenties?

You’re richer than you know! Start thinking about consolidating all the super from previous jobs into a single fund, and look for any lost super while you’re at it – you’ll be amazed what you can find.

Then check out what asset class you’re in now and consider investing in growth assets (no, we’re not talking muscle growth, we’re talking finance!) – you’ve got time on your side, after all. 

Crunch time

Once you reach your thirties, it’s crunch time! No, not your abs – though they’re important too. It’s time to start doing something with all that money you’re stashing away. Start thinking about a house, because once you’ve got the basics sorted, you can firm up the foundations for your future. Take an interest in what investment options are available to you and review your insurance needs – time to make that money really work!

Expert advice

We all know the benefits of a personal trainer – sometimes you just need a bit of a helping hand to educate you on the basics and point you in the right direction. 

Well, just like the gym, your super isn’t always obvious or easy! That’s why Rest has a team of experts dedicated to helping you organise your super - think of them as your super PT’s. They’ll work with you to make the most of your super so you can get on with all the fun stuff. 

Stay super safe

Life’s full of surprises – and they’re not always good ones! Foolproof your future by continuing to review your insurance options – you can help fund your insurance through smart contribution strategies. It’s also a good idea to make voluntary super contributions now, before it becomes necessary. If you salary sacrifice it, you’ll never even miss it!

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