The Journey Begins white paper


Older workers, typically known as the baby boomers can also be described as the ‘sandwich generation’ as they can often be caught between two generations – their elderly parents and their adult children - who they may be generously providing financial support to.

For this generation who are also saving toward their own retirement, Rest commissioned research, The Journey Begins - the fourth iteration of our flagship research piece, to better understand the impacts that intergenerational giving may have on their own retirement experience down the track.

The Research explores how older working Australian’s attitudes, finances and expectations compare to those who are currently retired, and the younger working Australians aged 35-49.

Our research provides our members who are working toward retirement, with greater clarity around the financial costs they can expect in retirement along with other considerations along the way that can help them better plan for their retirement so that they can truly ‘live the life they’ve earned’.

View The Journey Begins whitepaper here.

* Research conducted by Lonergan Research in January 2017 of 1048 Australians (243 younger Australians aged 35-49, 405 older working Australians aged 50+ and still working, and 400 retirees).