Help educate your employees

Leading your team to help your business succeed is one thing, but to help educate your employees on how to grow their retirement income shows you really care about them.
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Digital education sessions

Your employees can tune in to a webinar on a wide range of super topics.

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Use our Learning Centre

Explore our range of super resources online and on demand.

Find information and resources available to deal with different stages in life and career below

New Starter

PDS overview

For a quick overview on what information the Rest Super PDS contains, click on our new overview video below.

Managing their super online

Employees can update their details online

Keeping track of their super is a great thing to encourage employees to do. It’s as easy as logging into MemberAccess. Once employees are logged in they can check their balance, update their insurance and other details online. 

Consolidating their super

Encouraging employees to consolidate their super

Like a lot of people, your employees may have multiple super accounts. Consolidating their super will help them manage their super better, while also helping them save on fees.

Existing employees

Making an insurance claim

How to make an insurance claim

We aren’t always ready for the unexpected and that’s when a member’s default insurance comes into play. If your employees need to make a claim they’ll need to contact Rest and we’ll talk them through the claims process, ensuring they understand what’s involved before we send them the paperwork to complete. 

Changing their insurance

How to change their insurance

Your employees can easily change or cancel any cover they have as part of their Rest super account by calling us on 1300 300 778 or logging in to MemberAccess and update their insurance online.


Changing times

Many employers find the expertise and experience of older employees valuable and are keen to have them continue working after they reach their preservation age. We have resources available to educate your employees on the options available as they near retirement.