Salary sacrifice payments

Need to know more about arranging a salary sacrifice payment for your employees?


What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement between you and your employee where they agree to forego part of their before tax salary, in return for you making super contributions of the same value to their Rest account.
It’s recommended to take the time to negotiate any salary sacrifice packages with your employee in writing, which specifies how much of their employment package is to be paid in super, and how much in wages.

How to manage salary sacrifice payments

If you are submitting salary sacrifice payments for your employees, please ensure these contributions are entered into the Salary Sacrifice column in the contribution screen within EmployerAccess. This will ensure that the salary sacrifice contributions are clearly identifiable and allocated correctly.
When your employee receives their member statement from Rest, they will be able to see their salary sacrifice contributions in the salary sacrifice column, separate from employer (SG/Award) contributions.
Please note, both employer SG/Award contributions, together with any salary sacrifice contributions count towards an employee’s allowable concessional contribution limit. Any contributions in excess of these limits may attract additional tax.

If you have any questions about salary sacrifice, please contact us 1300 305 775 on 8am to 8pm weekdays.