Ready to retire or need to access your super?

We’ll check to see if you qualify to open a pension account or apply for early withdrawal of some or all of your super.

Ready to retire?

If you’ve reached your preservation age and you’re ready to retire or reduce your working hours, talk with us about setting up a Transition To Retirement or retirement account to start accessing your super.

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Accessing your super before retirement

We understand you may need to access your super early for medical reasons or if you’re planning on leaving Australia indefinitely.

Whatever the reason, we’ll assess your individual situation to see if you qualify for early withdrawal, for some or all of your super savings.

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Alternative Options

Before accessing your super early, that is if you’re eligible, you may want to consider that your super amount may be fully or partially taxed. That means losing part of your hard earned savings. Here are some other options to consider instead.

Need advice about accessing your super?

Rest Advice is all about helping you make good decisions with your super and money.

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