Why combine your super?

If you've worked for multiple employers, it's likely you have several super accounts and are probably paying more fees than you need to.

Combine your super


Chances are you’re paying more fees than you need to, which can add up to thousands of dollars over time.

   Lost super


There’s Around $18 billion in lost and unclaimed super accounts. Some of this could be yours.

Before combining your super you should check your insurance in your other funds and if they have any exit fees.

If you have any questions we recommend you have a chat with a financial adviser.

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Rollout from a SMSF

If you wish to transfer your super from your SMSF into Rest, you'll need to arrange this directly with your SMSF who’ll provide you with a Rollover Benefit Statement.

Ready to retire?

If you’re thinking of opening a pension account, consider consolidating your super first. Once your Pension account is created, you can then set it up to receive your regular payments from your consolidated pool of funds.

* As at 30 June 2017 Australian Taxation Office - 2017 Super Accounts Data Overview