Adding money to your super after you get paid could be an effective way to pump up your super and maybe claim a tax deduction

What are contribution limits?

Contribution caps or limits are the amounts that you can add to your super each financial year. The government has rules and limits on these amounts as well as the tax benefits available. It’s worth knowing what these are, so you don’t pay extra tax.

Make an after tax contribution


Voluntary contributions (after tax)

You may be able to contribute up to a limit of $110,000 pa, as long as your super balance is under $1.7 million.


Spouse Contributions (after tax)

If your spouse earns less than $37,000 p.a and you make a voluntary contribution into their super, you may be eligible to receive up to a maximum 18% tax offset (up to $540 on that contribution) pa.


The ‘Bring-forward’ rule (after tax)

For the financial year 2021-22, if you’re under 67 it’s possible to make up to $330,000 (after-tax) contributions in a single financial year without exceeding the after tax contributions limit, depending on your circumstances. These rules can be a bit complicated and are based on your own circumstances. Chat with one of our Rest Advisers* today for more information.

Need help growing your super?

With our help and advice on your side, it’s easier to feel confident about your financial future. Have a chat with a Rest Adviser* and see how you can get your contributions working harder.

Discover other ways to top up your super

Ways to top up



Make one-off or regular payments from your bank account

Direct debit

Direct Debit

Make one off or monthly contributions from your bank account in the Rest App


Payroll Deduction

Ask your employer to make regular payments from your after-tax pay

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