October 28 2022

Things to keep in mind when reviewing your investment risk

When it comes to super, you’ve got plenty of investment options to choose from. The option (or options) that’s best for you depends on many things, including how long until you retire and how comfortable you are with risk. To help you consider and review your investment risk, check out these tips from our Rest Advice team.

1. Reviewing your investment strategy

You may wish to review your investment strategy from time to time to make sure it’s working in your best interests. It can be worth taking the time to check your investment options as they can have different aims and you should try to decide what might be best for you.

2. Focusing on your Long-term goals

When monitoring how your investments are performing, you may be tempted to change them regularly as the market fluctuates. Whether there’s an investment opportunity that seems exciting, or you’re worried about market volatility, it’s important to approach all investment decisions with a rational mindset. You might want to consider how any investment changes could impact your long-term goals.

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Investing in volatile times 

During market volatility, you might question how best to manage your investments. Read what our Investments team says about trying to time the market.

3. Spreading your money

Ever heard the saying, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’? When it comes to super, you may want to consider spreading your money between different investment options. Diversification may help reduce overall risk because if one investment falls in value, another may perform well. 

4. Seeking advice

Ultimately, the best investment approach may be the one that suits you personally. If you dig deeper into your personal situation, you may find that some aspects of your investment strategy may not be a good match for you. This could include your:

  • investment time frame
  • personal circumstances
  • end goal

You may wish to consult a financial adviser to help you.

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Rest advice can help

There’s lots to think about when deciding on your investment strategy, so it may be worthwhile speaking to a Rest Adviser. Our Digital Advice investment choice tool may also help guide you.

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