Terminal Illness claims (TI)

If you’re insured for Death cover, you’ll also be automatically insured for Terminal Illness.
As a Rest member, if you’re terminally ill, you can access your superannuation account balance and insurance benefits (if applicable) tax-free.

Am I eligible for a Terminal Illness benefit?

The information that you and your doctors provide will assist Rest’s Trustee and insurer (if applicable) to determine your eligibility to receive a benefit payment.

What is a Terminal Illness benefit claim?

A Terminal Illness  benefit claim is a claim that can be made for a benefit if it’s medically determined that you have less than 24 months to live.  (The information on this page applies to Rest Super and Rest Corporate members.  Acumen members should refer to their Member Guide).. 

At least two registered medical practitioners, with one being a specialist in that medical field, need to have concluded that you are terminally ill and or injured with less than 24 months to live. The certification period must also be current and not have ended.

Under superannuation law, for the release of your account balance on the grounds of a terminal medical condition, the certification period can be a life expectancy of 24 months or less. So, there may be a situation where you qualify for release of your account balance on the grounds of a terminal medical condition (e.g. you have between 0-24 months to live) but not yet qualify for the insurance benefit which requires that you have between 0-12 months to live).
In this situation, to maintain your insurance cover, you will need to leave sufficient funds in your account to continue to meet the insurance costs for Death cover. It’s important to note that your insurance cover will cease if you withdraw your full account balance.

A Terminal illness benefit consists of:

Rather than being a stand-alone benefit, the Terminal Illness benefit is an early payment of the Death benefit and reduces your Total and Permanent Disablement amount insured (if any) by the amount paid.

If you don’t have Death insurance cover with Rest, your Terminal Illness benefit will be your account balance only.

If you're a Rest Super or Rest Corporate member:

1) Your super balance less any admin fees and taxes, plus any positive or negative earnings, credited to the account up to the date of payment

2) An Insurance benefit (if applicable) for an amount the same as your Death cover. Terminal illness isn’t a stand-alone benefit and any payment made in the event of you being diagnosed as terminally ill will reduce your TPD insurance by the same amount.

What do I need to make a claim?

Step 1:
You’ll need to have some basic information on hand before calling us. This will help us assess your eligibility. Have ready:
  • Your Rest member number
  • Your life expectancy.
Step 2:
Call us on 1300 300 778 to start the conversation and obtain a claim form.

Step 3:
Complete and return the claim form and supporting documentation.