Get your super on track in 2022

Most people tend to leave things to the last minute with their super. Don’t let this be you in 2022.

We challenge you to jump into the Rest App and get your super on track this year.

Using the Rest App, you can check off small changes to your super that may make a difference in your future.

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3 ways to be super in 2022

Piggy Banks

1. Super savvy

If you've had a few jobs, chances are you have multiple super fund accounts. It’s easy to consolidate* and you could:

• Avoid paying multiple fees 
• Save time by managing all your super in one place

• Keep better track of your super 

*Things to consider - Before combining your super, consider if Rest is right for you.  Check out the fees and costs of your other fund plus any benefits that would be lost, such as insurance cover.  Make sure your other fund knows about any contributions you intend to claim a tax deduction for, before combining with Rest. If you have any questions, speak to a licensed financial adviser or visit the ASIC MoneySmart website for more information.
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2. Super smart

Your super could already be your biggest asset – so it’s worth understanding, and then checking your investment suits your age, goals and attitude to risk.

To review your super investment:

• Learn about the number of ways to invest
• Consider your options and which could work best for you

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3. Super connected

Download our App and check in on your super wherever you go. Use it to:

• Check your super balance
• Enjoy the latest member rewards
• Make it easier to get set up in a new job
• Check your insurance

Need some help

Rest provides easy-to-use Digital Advice solutions that are available 24x7 at no additional cost for members. Or if you’d rather talk to an professional financial adviser we can help with that too.