Social media strategies worthy of attention

Connecting with the right audience at the right time is a key driver of business growth.
What’s sometimes less well known is that strategies for achieving those crucial contacts are evolving all the time. Here are just some of the current ways that savvy operators can mine a myriad of social media possibilities.


Hitting the target

Particularly relevant for small to medium-sized enterprises, social media platforms like Facebook enable the targeting of specific customers with customised campaigns based on demographics or location – often at a fraction of the cost of utilising traditional above-the-line media.
Ideal for launching new products and staging sales campaigns or initiatives to attract new customers, social media channels also offer the ability to identify the types of content that perform well and the best times to share it. This provides businesses with the ability to replicate that format and drive engagement across a range of other social media platforms.
It’s also important to note that there is currently a lot of noise about an impending change to the Facebook algorithm which will affect the type of content brands can share on the platform. The purpose of the Facebook algorithm is to make sense of the posts made by people and businesses, and use different factors to determine what is shown on our news feed. It is expected that as a result of the upcoming changes, brands will find it harder to connect with their target audience unless they spark conversations and meaningful interactions. Any spam-like material that diminishes the platform’s social interaction experience will no longer be permitted.


Loyalty to the brand

Platforms such as Instagram can be used not only to build brand loyalty, but also loyalty within a company itself. As a highly visual medium, it enables businesses to showcase their talented staff and evidence of their organisational culture through pictures and videos. Not only does this strategy make team members feel included and valued, it also provides a feel for what it’s like to work at a particular organisation – an insight that can prove invaluable for impressing potential recruits.


Attract and retain

Large businesses can save a lot of money by using social media channels like LinkedIn to attract and retain the best talent. Offering a means of advertising actual positions and opportunities, it also enables managers to easily view candidates, their resumes, recommendations from their colleagues as well as any shared contacts. A multitude of friend-get-friend referral sites (like Facebook’s Find-a-Finder’s-Fee) can also offer significant recruitment benefits.


Content is king

Creating custom LinkedIn content in the form of blogs and thought leadership commentary is the perfect way to build a personal or business brand. It’s extremely effective for generating traction once the number of followers exceeds 2000.  Relevant articles have the power to resonate strongly with peers and create a great avenue for business-to-business marketing. They can also drive leads, enquiries and sales. Following key LinkedIn influencers in relevant industries is also a shrewd way of building a solid B2B network.

Rest does not recommend, endorse or express an opinion about the use and suitability of the above social media strategies and you should consider whether the information is appropriate for your circumstances and needs.