Why do I have insurance?

Did you know that when you join Rest, if you’re over 25 with a balance of over $6,000 in your Rest super, you’re automatically covered by our insurance package. Everyone else can choose to take out this protection as part of their super. We also give insured members the flexibility to change their insurance, or remove it, if you decide it doesn’t meet your needs.


What's Covered?

Rest members received over $454 million* in claims over the last year.

Death cover

In the unfortunate event of your death, your loved ones could receive a lump sum payment, or if chosen, a pension.

Total and Permanent Disablement benefit (TPD)

If you become totally and permanently disabled as a result of being sick or injured, you may be eligible to receive a lump sum payment.

Income Protection

If you’re unable to work for a prolonged period due to injury or illness, you may be eligible to receive an income stream.

Insurance code of practice

In 2017, Rest adopted the Insurance in Super (ISWG) Voluntary Code of Practice. The Code is the super industry’s commitment to high standards when providing insurance cover to our members.


Am I insured?

Most members who Rest joined before 1 April 2020, will have insurance cover. If you joined Rest after 1 April, and are under 25 years old or have an account balance of less than $6,000, you need to choose to take out insurance cover. To find out what types of insurance you have and how much you're covered for, login to MemberAccess and click the 'Insurance' tab. If you weren't working or aren't employed, you may not have cover. For more information, refer to the  Insurance Guide.

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Change my insurance cover

You can change or cancel your existing cover, call us today:
1300 300 778 or login to MemberAccess and update your insurance online^.

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Work out your needs

The Rest insurance calculator can help you work through how much cover you need, and how much it could cost.
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Make a claim

If you're thinking about making a claim, you need to determine which type it relates to from the four options below.

Death claims

Have you lost a loved one?

TPD claims

Have you become totally and permanently disabled as a result of becoming sick or injured?

IP claims

Have you become unable to work for at least 60 days due to sickness or injury?

TI claims

Have you been diagnosed with an illness which has a life expectancy of less than 12 to 24 months?


How long will it take for my claim to be processed?

At Rest, we do our best to pay eligible member claims as quickly as possible. However, making a claim is a long process that can take a few months before monies are released to members or their beneficiaries. It’s important that you contact us as soon as you think you may have a claim so that we can work through the claims process with you.

Factors that can impact the timing or result of your claim may include:

  • Claim type
  • Complexity of your case
  • Missing information
  • Investigation of claim
  • Information from medical practitioners
We will do everything we can to try and make this process as quick and painless as possible.

What is the claim process?

The claim process typically has 5 key steps:


Contact us

Call us and let us know what happened
1300 300 778


Eligibility check

There’s some criteria you need to meet to make a claim and so we’ll check your account to see if you’re eligible


Claim lodgement and assessment

If you qualify we’ll lodge your claim with our insurer for assessment. We may request more information from you to help with this


Claim review

We’ll review our insurer’s assessment and make a fair and reasonable decision



We’ll let you know the final decision and next steps

* As at 30/06/2019. Rest Super paid over $454 million in Death, TPD and IP claims.

^ Rest Super members only can update insurance online