Insurance with Rest

How it protects you

If you’re 25 and above, have a super balance of $6,000 or over and receive employer contributions, you will automatically receive a few different types of insurance. It’s flexible so you can adjust it to suit you^. You can apply for a mix of cover types, and even choose different waiting and benefit periods for your Income Protection cover. It’s up to you.

The 3 insurance covers with Rest


Death cover
Make sure your loved ones have the financial support to help get them through if you die or become terminally ill.
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    Disability icon Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover
If you become totally and permanently disabled as a result of being sick or injured, you could receive a payment.
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    Income protection Income Protection
If you’re unable to work for a long period because you’re sick or injured, you could receive an income stream.
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With our insurance provider TAL Life Limited (TAL), Rest offers members an affordable way to access death, income protection and total and permanent disability insurance through their super.

$308.1 million paid in claims in 2020*

Last year, Rest members were paid $308.1 million to help them recover from illness or injury.

Insurance with Rest means:

My super

Affordable premiums

As a profit-to-member super fund, we aim to keep insurance costs low and affordable. Our premiums are generally less than what you pay for insurance outside of your super.



We have a choice of covers and options so you can tailor them to suit you.


Mental Health

Unlike others, we cover mental health in our default cover. As part our commitment to mental health, explore your mental wellbeing here.

Member lp

Specialist claims team

Our team makes claiming as fast and easy as possible by guiding you through each step.

Check you've got the right cover today

As you go through life, your insurance needs change. You might have young kids, or adult kids that leave home. You might begin or end a relationship, buy a new house, get a new job or retire. All these moments can change the cover you need. That’s why it’s important to regularly check you have the right type and amount using our Insurance Needs Analyser. 
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It's easy to change it to suit you

You can change your insurance online and anytime you like. You can keep it, cancel it or tailor^ it all via MemberAccess.
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Get all the info you need

Whether you're a Rest member or with Rest Corporate, get the key facts sheet on our default covers and how they compare to others below.

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^Insurance cover with Rest is not compulsory and you can cancel your cover at any time. However, if you cancel your cover now and decide that you want it back in the future, you will need to provide medical evidence and be assessed by the Insurer (this is known as underwriting).

*Statistics are for income protection and TPD claims paid during the 2020 calendar year and represents the gross benefit amounts.